Advanced Care


Oral and dental care is an integral part to keeping your pet healthy. Oral disease is one of the most frequently diagnosed health problems in our pets.

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In House Laboratory

Hampden Veterinary Clinic has a fully functional in house laboratory that allows for complete blood counts, full chemistry profiles for organ enzymes, thyroid screening, and urinalysis.

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Microchipping is a safe and effective way to identify your pet. Unlike a collar and tags, a microchip is placed under your pet’s skin using a needle.

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Parasite Control

External and internal parasites on our four legged family members are bad for their health and can also introduce life threatening or debilitating diseases to your family. Many parasites are able to infect cats, dogs, and people!

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At Hampden Veterinary Clinic we believe in practicing preventative medicine to help protect your pet and your family from diseases. One of our core beliefs includes giving vaccinations to help protect your pet from potentially life threatening diseases.

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