In House Laboratory



In House Laboratory

Hampden Veterinary Clinic has a fully functional in house laboratory that allows for complete blood

counts, full chemistry profiles for organ enzymes, thyroid screening, and urinalysis. We are also

equipped to do in-house cytology for skin and ear disease as well as assess in-house aspirates of masses.

In addition screening for common infectious disease such as Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline

Immunodeficiency virus, Giardia, Heartworm disease, tick born diseases, and Parvo virus can be done in

house. Any additional advanced blood work or pathology can be sent quickly to an outside laboratory.

The Hampden Veterinary Clinic can also do a blood screening test to rule out heart disease or active

heart damage similar to the human heart attack test in our hospital laboratory. The pro BNP SNAP test

requires only 3 drops of blood and can be part of routine blood work or senior wellness blood work.

We are also equipped to do blood pressure monitoring for hypertension, eye pressure monitoring for

glaucoma, and cardiac rhythm (EKG) monitoring in our hospital.

Royal Canin DNA Testing:

Hampden Veterinary Clinic is excited to announce the arrival of the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis

test. This blood test allows over 7 million comparisons against 250 breeds and over 320 genetic

markers. The analysis will be mail and emailed to you with a genetic family tree and a medically focused

genetic health risk report will be mailed to our hospital. This unique test has helped us close the gap on

our medical knowledge for your adopted family member and allows us to tailor a unique health care

plan for them.

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