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Jeremy Bither

Chief of Staff

Growing up, Jeremy had the goal of being a veterinarian.  Jeremy graduated from Stearns High School in Millinocket, ME.  He then went to Massachusetts for his undergraduate degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  He was able to stay in Massachusetts to go to Tufts for his veterinary degree.  Upon graduation he returned to Maine to work with small animals and to help farmers with their large animals (dairy or beef cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and the occasional pig).  He would travel all over the state in a day, from Jackman to Belfast or Hermon to Monmouth.  He was on call for emergencies for all his clients during that time.  
His passion was surgery, so after four years of general practice he began the process of returning to school to become a specialist.  Unfortunately, the process is long (4-6 years more) and expensive.  After his internship year in Massachusetts, he and his wife decided to return to Maine to continue to work rather than continue seeking further education.  When he returned, he worked for a year at Broadway Veterinary Clinic but it wasn’t quite the right fit.  
He then transferred to the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic where he had worked for the past nine years.  Though the medicine and surgery could be quite exciting the job was very stressful both physically and emotionally.  When Dr. Farren contacted him and discussed the opportunity to return to general practice he decided the time was right.  
He and his wife live in Bangor with their feline Moses and four greyhounds; Chase, Carly, Badger, and Brenna.  Jeremy is looking forward to being able to provide more complete care for the young to the old rather than just focusing on emergencies only.
Jeremy Bither